OnePlus One shipping has been delayed for Storm of Invites winners

OnePlus One Sandstone Black
The “flagship killer” OnePlus One has been delayed, and delayed, and delayed and now, it has been further delayed. The company managed to keep its promise of a “storm of invites” by giving away 2500 invites last month, but has since then failed to ship the devices to the winners.
In a bid to avoid misunderstanding and further negative press coverage, a member of OnePlus has explained the reason behind the delay on their forums.
According to David, two large shipments of OnePlus One — meant for the U.S and Europe — were delayed by “many small issues compounded.” Since the company did not consider such delays in their initial plans and sent out invites before the shipment actually arrived, they are now 20 days behind their schedule.
Below is the break-down of these 20 days as given by OnePlus:
  • Production Scheduling Conflicts – 3 days
  • Low-yield Rate on Back Covers – 7 days
  • Incomplete Clearance Documents – 4 days
  • Weekends – 4 days
  • Timezone/Different Cut-off Times – 2 days
The company has apologized for this delay and states that they have solved all the issues, and are expecting the shipments to land in their Europe and U.S warehouses by the end of this week.
Once they arrive, the team should be able to ship the handset on the very next day, with the tracking number being sent to users on the day after that. OnePlus estimates that everyone who placed an order last week should get their tracking number by the 9th of July.
For a nascent company that termed its smartphone as the “flagship killer” and openly mocked the products of its competitors, the OnePlus One has failed miserably. While the handset in itself is a nice piece of technology, it is almost impossible to get your hands on it, which makes this smartphone a flagship killer only on paper.
[Via OnePlus]


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