OnePlus One to receive the Android L update within 90 days of being released

OnePlus One
Up until now, HTC is the only company that has promised its users to bring Android L to the One M7 and M8 within 90 days of it being released by Google.
Joining this bandwagon today is OnePlus, which has also announced a similar timeframe for the Android L update for their elusive One handset. 
On their official forum, Mike — one of the official staff member of OnePlus — announced that the company will indeed be bringing Android L to their handset “within three months of their [Google] releasing a final build.”
The software on the OnePlus One is provided by Cyanogen Inc. so if the company does indeed manage to keep its word, the credit should go to the former. Now, one can only hope that OnePlus manages to solve all the availability issues of their handset and actually get it to the hands of some consumers.
Android L is easily the biggest update to the OS ever from Google, and it is refreshing to see OEMs, both big and small, self-imposing a deadline to quickly rollout the update to their flagship devices.


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