OS X Yosemite beta adoption rate significantly higher than Mavericks, new look and features likely the reason

Mac OS X Yosemite adoption rate
According to a new report, OS X Yosemite‘s adoption rate has been far better than previous versions of OS X.
During WWDC 2014, Apple officially unveiled not only iOS 8, but also OS X Yosemite. With it, the ability for developers (and even consumers, with a public beta going live soon after) to get their hands on the new software immediately after the unveiling. Since then, the company has released several new versions of the beta, each of which introducing new features and improving the overall quality of the system. With the latest update to Preview 3, new features like Dark Mode were introduced.
According to web analytics firm Chitika, the interest level for Yosemite from developers is quite high, and the adoption rate of the new software is pacing quite nicely for Apple. In fact, it looks like it is outpacing Mavericks by a large margin. Chitika measured OS X ad impressions from the United States and Canada, between June 2 and July 2, and saw a sharp increase from systems running OS X Yosemite following its preview availability. Yosemite, in that time frame, rose to roughly 0.15% of total Mac OS X web traffic. When compared to OS X Mavericks, it took that particular version to reach 0.05% of total Mac OS X web traffic in 30 days.
There shouldn’t be any surprise that Chitika suggests the rise in adoption could very well be due to the new features, and new look, of OS X Yosemite. Specifically, the new features that allow Mac users to work with their iOS-based devices in a seamless fashion, with Continuity and Handoff.
Are you trying out OS X Yosemite now? What do you think of the new software?
[via Chitika]


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