Paranoid Android brings Android L style Recents View to their ROM

The Paranoid Android team today rolled out two new releases of their ROM: PA 4.43 “increase madness” and PA 4.5 Alpha 1. The former is based off their stable branch and mainly contains some bug-fixes and upstream changes.
The highlight here, however, is present in the PA 4.5 Alpha 1 build that now contains a new Recents View UI, inspired from the card like interface of Android L.
The basic functionality of the Recents View still remains the same though. Users can swipe an app to the right to remove it from memory. Below is a quick video of the feature in action:
Being an alpha build, it is bound to be filled with bugs and have various stability issues. As such, if stability is of your prime importance, you should stick to the stable 4.43 release, whose full change-log is below:
Common Releases Changelog
- ParanoidOTA fixes and cleanup
- Fix daydream duplicates
- Theme Engine upstream patches
- Quicksettings fixes
- Pie will be activated in apps that use immersive mode if pie is enabled via on the spot.

Themers Note
- This patch has been merged, but it uses a static color for now. It will change to a drawable in next build.
You can download the latest build(s) from Paranoid Android’s official download center.


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