Samsung commercial tries to lure in iPhone users by calling them Wall Huggers

Galaxy S5 iPhone Wall Huggers
Oh Samsung, how boring would our lives as technology bloggers be without your awesome unashamed commercials? And what would your marketing division do if there was no Apple and no iPhone? Their entire creative team is burning the midnight oil trying to come up with ways to bash it in its advertisements. But I digress. This new ad, well, it’s funny and brilliant. Unless you are the target demography that is, in which case, Samsung just made fun of you to try to win you. Counterproductive, eh?

“Tethered to the wall, denied the freedom to enjoy the most basic things,” the narrator says, describing users who are always looking for an outlet to charge their device. And in true Samsung fashion, the ad doesn’t even try to be mysterious about which phone those poor wall huggers are using. “There’s a new iPhone coming,” one of them says to break the ice with strangers hanging by the wall next to him. “Hope it has a better battery,” is the answer he gets.
The ad has its funny moments though, like the girl being annoyed at the janitor who unplugged her charger to use the outlet for much less important things, or the man sitting by the water fountain having to stare at the other guy’s derriere as he leaned to drink. Thankfully, there’s a point to all of these shenanigans.
All the scenes lead up to a showcase of Ultra Power Saving Mode and the replaceable battery, two ways in which Galaxy S5 users can circumvent the empty battery problem without hugging a wall — because let’s face it, there’s no stopping that battery from draining out!


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