Samsung Galaxy Alpha with a metal body coming next month?

Galaxy S5 Prime Front
If the “industry insiders” of ETNews are to be believed, Samsung is all set to launch a high-end Galaxy device with a metal clad body — something that many Galaxy owners have been asking the company right since it unveiled the original Galaxy S.
The handset, tentatively named the Galaxy Alpha, will be a direct competitor to the iPhone 6 and feature high-end specs, details of which are currently unknown.If this news does turn out to be true, this will be a significant departure from Samsung’s current strategy of releasing a high-end Galaxy S handset in the first half of the year followed by a flagship Note device in the second half.
We have already seen leaked pictures of a Galaxy S5 like flagship from Samsung clad in a metal body with a faster internals. It is very well possible that Samsung unveils the same handset next month to prevent the iPhone from garnering all the media attention.
However, it is not yet clear whether this device would be launched worldwide or will only be available in selected markets, like the recently unveiled Galaxy S5 with LTE-A.
[Via SamMobile]


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