Samsung Galaxy F leak showcases a metal chassis, familiar design

Galaxy F real world leak
If we could count the legitimacy of a device based on the number of leaks we’ve seen of it, the Galaxy F from Samsung would practically be an official device at this point. We’ve seen it in two different shades of gold, and most recently strutting its Crystal Clear duds as well. This new leak, though, gives us our rumored first look at the device in the real world.
That’s right, according to a report from GSMArena, the image you’re looking at above isn’t an iPhone 5/5s repurposed with some sensors, a front-facing camera and a Samsung logo, but what the Galaxy F is going to look like when Samsung gets around to launching it later this year. And what you’ll notice right away, other than that familiar design, is the metal chassis running along the edge.
It’s long been rumored that Samsung would launch a “premium” device that featured a metal design, and this could very well be that handset. The Galaxy F has been rumored to be the device that features Samsung’s first metal smartphone design, and if this leak is any indicator, that rumor is looking far more concrete.
The interesting thing here, though, is that the report also says that the back cover is still plastic. Why? So owners can still remove it and swap out the battery when needed. So it looks like Samsung has found the perfect middle ground with the Galaxy F: still able to release a premium “metal” smartphone, but keep their plastic back covers (and front panels).
What do you think of the design and the metal chassis? Would you pay a premium price tag for this?
[via GSMArena]


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