Samsung is shutting down its Video and Media Hub

image Samsung Media Hub
At the height of the Galaxy S movement, buying any type of media from a Samsung-branded device usually meant doing so from one of Samsung’s preinstalled Hubs. Whether it was books or movies, Samsung had you covered — whether you wanted the applications there or not. Recently, though, Samsung has decided to slowly bring those services to an end.
While Samsung has already put an end to their Books and Music Hubs, the Video and Media Hub has stuck around right up until now. Samsung has officially announced they’ll be pulling the plug on the service from here on out. Indeed, rentals have been suspended through the application as of July 1, and the service itself will not be available as of August 1. For anyone who has purchased content, you’ll need to get your downloads done and transferred over to Samsung’s new video partner, M-Go, before August 1, or you’ll lose those videos permanently.
Samsung says the transfer to M-GO will be free, and they’re even throwing in $13 for anyone who signs up for the new service.
It’s a bold new day for Samsung, and it is indeed interesting to see their proprietary services go the way of the Dodo. Of course, with the content library and ease of use, plus multi-device support, that Google Play offers, it’s a wonder any other digital retail options from manufacturers work out at all.
[via Samsung Content]


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