Some users reporting Apps disappearing after Pangu Jailbreak

Apps Disappearing - Pangu Jailbreak
Some users are reporting a weird problem after jailbreaking their iOS device with the Pangu jailbreak.

They’re reporting that their apps are disappearing from the Home screen.
It is not clear if the issue is due to the Pangu jailbreak or due to a problematic or incompatible jailbreak tweak.
It looks like the issue crops up when the doesn’t load properly, though it is not clear what triggers the problem and if the problem. Some users on this reddit thread have reported that removing a jailbreak tweak fixed the issue. Since the tweak in question have been different, it is difficult to pin point the tweak that may be causing the problem.
reddit users have suggested couple of solutions. Reddit user kozerq writes:
Install MobileTerminal or use OpenSSH and run the command “uicache”. Should reload the to fix the icons.
Reddit user ReddestDream recommends another solution if uicache fix doesn’t work:
And if for some reason uicache doesn’t work, you can always delete:
That should always solve the problem, though it mess up your icon layout . . .
It is important to note that you should be extremely careful while deleting such system files, as deleting the wrong file could force you to restore your device.
Such issues have also been linked to apps like AppSync and AppCake that allow users to pirate apps. They are known to cause issues like this and there is no fix for it. So if you’re facing the problem then you should remove them.


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