Sony’s Xperia Selfie phone leaks in pictures and video

Just a couple of hours after Sony teased its impending unveiling, the upcoming Selfie phone from the company has leaked in some images and a video. The leak confirms the previous rumor of the ‘Xperia Selfie’ coming with a front-facing LED flash making it the second phone after Acer’s E3 to sport a similar feature.
The handset is apparently going to be named the Xperia C3 but this piece of news is still not confirmed. 
The leaked pictures also confirm that the Selfie phone will make use of Sony’s OmniBalance design, though it will feature a plastic body. While the specs still remain unknown, the images show off the 5-inch display and the 2500mAh battery of the device in all their glory.
Sadly, Sony has also sacrificed the LED on the rear, which means low-light images from the primary rear camera are going to turn out disappointing.
The video from ePrice shows the front-facing camera in action and also gives us a glimpse at the host of editing and image enhancement tools that the software would offer. An interesting tidbit from the video is that the phone will allow users to take a selfie by simply double tapping on the back of the phone.
With selfie being the trend right now, does the Selfie focused phone from Sony interests you? Or will you give it a pass? Drop in a comment and let us know!
[Via XperiaBlog, Digi-wo]


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