Springtomize 3 updated with iOS 7.1.x support and dark folder backgrounds [Jailbreak Tweak]

Italian developer Filippo Bigarella has updated his popular jailbreak tweak Springtomize 3 with support for the iOS 7.1.x jailbreak, released last month by the Chinese team Pangu. The update is available to existing users of Springtomize 3 for free through Cydia, and includes a number of bug fixes and the addition of one noteworthy new feature. Read ahead for a closer look. 
Springtomize 3 now has the option to enable a dark background for folders, in lieu of the normal light, translucent appearance.  The dark background for folders is for iOS 7.1.1 or later only.
The new version also includes a number of bug fixes and improvements, resolving a display issue when opening certain apps, and another issue with status bar items, apps and folder backgrounds not hiding on iOS 7.1.x.
The official changelog on Cydia lists all of the changes in detail:
  • Display issue when opening certain apps (Reminders, Phone, etc)
  • Status Bar items not hiding on iOS 7.1.x
  • Update hiding dock background implementation for iOS 7.1.x
  • Newsstand not hiding on iOS 7.1.x
  • Folders background not hiding on iOS 7.1.x
  • Custom slide to unlock text not applying on iOS 7.1.x
What’s New
  • Dark Background for folders (iOS 7.1.x only)
Springtomize 3 is one of the most popular jailbreak tweaks on Cydia, allowing iPhone and iPad users to customize nearly every aspect of their devices: the dock, animations, app sliders, folders, icons, lock screen, pages, status bar and several other elements of the user interface. The app is localized in 20 languages, letting users around the world personalize their devices with ease.
Check out the new features in the video below:
You can also check out our detailed video walkthrough of all the features that Springtomize 3 offers below:
Springtomize 3 is $2.99 on the Cydia Store.


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