StatusbarWeather7 adds weather info to status bar on iPhone [Jailbreak Tweak]

Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 12.13.46 PM
StatusbarWeather7 is a new jailbreak tweak that, as you might have already guessed, displays weather information in the status bar on iPhone and iPad. The simple iOS extension is useful if you are looking for the current temperature and conditions at a quick glance. Read ahead for a closer look and video walkthrough of the tweak. 
The tweak has a few options that can be configured through the Settings app once it is installed. You can choose to auto fetch or manually enter your WOEID, or “where on earth identifier,” which essentially tracks your location to deliver the most accurate weather results. There is also a toggle switch for displaying temperature in Celsius or Fahrenheit.
As this tweak could be intensive on your battery life, there is another setting for adjusting the weather update interval. You can adjust the current temperature and conditions to update in the background every five minutes, or go with a lengthier cycle like every fifteen minutes. Last, there is an option to have the weather conditions replace your carrier logo in the status bar.
StatusbarWeather7 is a free download on Cydia from the default BigBoss repo. If you download the tweak, give it a spin and let us know how it works for you in the comments section below.


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