T-Mobile reportedly adding accessories to equipment installment plans, kicks off July 20

T-Mobile accessories EIP leak
For T-Mobile, kicking off hardware installment plans was just the beginning. While the smallest major wireless carrier may have started the movement, the other networks quickly followed suit. Now, T-Mobile is reportedly looking to extend those installment plans beyond just new phones or tablets.

In a leaked document that TMoNews was able to get their hands on, it looks like T-Mobile is gearing up to bring accessories under the equipment installment plan umbrella. The document leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to information, but we do have a start date that’s easily visible: July 20. On that date, it sounds like T-Mobile will let you pick up an accessory and make installment plans towards it. Just like you would a new smartphone or tablet.
There’s no word on whether or not there’s going to be some caveats here, including the chance that this deal may only be an option for customers that are buying a new phone at the same time. (So, no walking into the store and getting a pair of headphones on an EIP by themselves.) Moreover, the assumption that there will be a limited price point for the accessory seems like an obvious disclaimer.
If you wanted to pick up a $199 pair of headphones, and you stretched that out over 24 months, you’d be paying just over $8 per month. Not a bad deal, especially if you’re already signing up to get your hands on some new phones (and tablets). Every little bit can add up, right? Throwing in a $200 pair of headphones, or even more expensive wearable for that matter, could make that initial sticker price quite a shock.
It’s an interesting move from T-Mobile, but not altogether shocking. Accessories can be pretty expensive, especially when you start dealing with the smartwatches and other wearables companies are releasing these days. We’re still waiting for an official announcement from Apple about their rumored iWatch, but many people assume that the wearable will be pretty expensive right out of the gate, so seeing T-Mobile opt accessories into monthly installment plans could see quite the boost when Apple’s wearable launches.
The big question though: when can we start a Test Drive for those accessories?
Do you currently make monthly installment plans for your smartphone or tablet? Would you do the same thing to ease into the full cost of an accessory?
[via TmoNews]


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