Tim Cook confirms Apple will release a diversity report, but no timetable provided

Tim Cook at Sun Valley conference, 2014
Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook, is currently attending the Sun Valley conference in Idaho, and it was there that he confirmed that Apple would indeed release the company’s diversity data.
In early 2013, a report from CNN Money tried to divulge the details of many tech companies diversity reports, to determine the demographics of gender and ethnicity. The companies included Apple, LinkedIn, and others. Back then, many companies had their own objections to releasing the information. On July 9, though, Tim Cook openly confirmed with Bloomberg that Apple would be releasing their own reports on the company’s diversity at a later date, but no timetable was provided.
From the report:
We’ll release the information at some point. We are more focused on actions.
The executive team at Apple recently added former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts, who joins board member Andrea Jung as the only women within the senior leadership at the company.
The report would comb over the 80,000-strong workforce to graph the ethnicity, gender and age of its employees. With no timetable present, many who have voiced their concerns to the lack of a report of this kind will simply have to continue to wait.
[via Bloomberg; image via Sarah Frier]


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