TSMC began shipping processors to Apple in Q2, 2014, according to new report

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For quite some time, Samsung played a big role for Apple in bringing key components to market for the Cupertino-based company’s flagship devices. Last year, that changed with a deal with chip manufacturing company TSMC.
Last year, a report broke that Apple had signed a deal with chip manufacturing company TSMC, and therefore split ties in a big way with Samsung. The move was seen as an inevitable one, considering the role that Samsung has played in the mobile market over the last few years, moving into a position as a key competitor to Apple’s smartphone race. In March, 2014, it was reported that TSMC had begun production of Apple’s upcoming A8 processor, which would reportedly see the light of day (so to speak) in the unannounced iPhone 6 later in the year.
Now, it would seem that is all but confirmed, as The Wall Street Journal has released a new report, suggesting that TSMC began shipping processors to Apple in the second quarter of 2014. For TSMC, this is a big win, as it means that more money for the company, as they’ve secured the hardware orders from Apple for, reportedly, the foreseeable future. For Apple, it is considered a win as it means no more reliance on only Samsung for key internal pieces to iOS-based devices.
In 2015, it’s believed that Apple will turn to Samsung for the A9 processor, which could use a 14nm design.
Do you think it’s a good idea for Apple to break their sole reliance on Samsung for iOS-based device internal components?
[via The Wall Street Journal]


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