Apple installing LED displays in retail stores to promote Apple Watch

Apple Store render for the Apple Watch launch promotion
To celebrate and promote the Apple Watch launch, Apple will be putting up a unique display on all its retail stores with glass front. The display will have a bunch of icon arrays, and will look similar to an Apple Watch homescreen. 
Each circle shown in the render above contains an LED light that is powered by a Mac mini. The LED displays will show different colors, effects and icons throughout the day. Apple plans on continuing with this new look after the Apple Watch launches on April 24 as well.
In addition, the sources of 9to5Mac reveal that the Apple Watch Edition will only be sold through major flagship stores. This was corroborated by different sources of the publication in the United States and Canada. This effectively means that the Apple Watch Edition will only be carried in a handful of stores. In the United States, the Apple Watch Edition — made from 18-karat gold — will be carried by a maximum of two stores in major states. For example, in Florida, the Apple Watch Edition will only be available in one store.
Apple is also revamping its retail stores to prepare them for the launch of the Apple Watch. Its stores will be fitted with a new try-on tables, display tables and more to give Apple Watch customers a more personal buying experience. While the Apple Watch is scheduled to launch on April 24, it goes up for pre-order on April 10. Demo units and try-on appointments for the Apple Watch will also start from April 10 itself.
[Via 9to5Mac]


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