Drexel University installs vending machine that doles out iPads

Drexel University iPad vending machine
Having the right device when you need it can be tough, especially if something like an iPad is suddenly very convenient but buying one isn’t.
For students and residents within the area, a brand new vending machine installed on the Drexel University campus might be able to help with that. In what’s probably the first of its kind, a brand new vending machine holds up to 12 iPads at a time, and will rent it out to any student or resident with a Free Library of Philadelphia library card:
Residents of Philadelphia’s Mantua and Powelton Village neighborhoods bordering Drexel’s campus will be able to use their Free Library of Philadelphia card to sign out an iPad and use it for a maximum of four hours. With a swipe of their Drexel ID, students will also be able to check out an iPad. Users won’t have to worry about personal data being stored on the iPad as all information entered will be removed once the iPad is returned to its slot in the kiosk.
The iPads that are handed out via the vending machine come preinstalled with some apps, and will automatically be wiped of any personal data when returned.
What do you think of the idea?
[via 9to5Mac; Drexel Blog]


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