Hyperkin wants to turn your iPhone 6 into a Game Boy

Hyperkin Smart Boy
On April 1, the Internet is overrun with a bunch of crazy ideas that are too good to be true. And they are, because most of them are nothing more than April Fools’ Day pranks.
The same can be said for a device that showed up on Reddit yesterday, courtesy of Hyperkin, but this joke is actually going to become something real. After seeing the feedback about the joke device, what Hyperkin calls the “Smart Boy,” they decided to actually make it a real product that people can buy. So that’s what they’re going to do.
It still sounds to good to be true, and it could very well turn out that way when Nintendo catches wind of the project. The company has a pattern of cracking down on ideas that look like theirs, but aren’t, and with Nintendo jumping into the smartphone games market soon enough with DeNA, this is something that could certainly rile the giant up.
However, if the Smart Boy does come to life, it will allow iPhone 6 users to slide their smartphone into the main section of the device, which looks quite similar to the original Game Boy, and use the iPhone’s display as the mobile game console’s screen. There’s a D-Pad on the front, along with four other buttons.
image Hyperkin Smart Boy2
Games will actually be playable on this device, too, with Hyperkin saying that original Game Boy and Game Boy Color cartridges will slide into a section on the back. The iPhone 6 and the Smart Boy will communicate via a dedicated app on the phone, and that will also handle saving game information. It will even provide a cheat database, too.
The Smart Boy will feature its own battery, which will prolong gaming while on the go.
Hyperkin says the device will launch at some point down the road, but no specific dates have been provided. It will launch in the familiar gray color, but other color options are planned.
Would you buy this?
[via Business Insider]


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