Apple has reportedly been working on its own GPU for several years

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As Apple’s A-branded processors continue to get attention as high-powered chipsets in mobile products, another chip could be getting some of the limelight soon.
According to a new rumor, Apple has reportedly been working on its own in-house graphics chip for quite some time. Many years, in fact, and is still hard at work on developing its own GPU for its mobile devices. The report indicates that Apple has already been working on the GPU for several years now, but there’s no clear indication when, or even if, a finalized product ready for installation in iPhones and iPads will see the light of day anytime soon.
As it stands now, Apple utilizes a variety of PowerVR graphics chips that are designed by Imagination Technologies. If Apple can get its own in-house GPU off the ground and in its devices, it would mean Apple would not have to rely on IT from that point forward.
The report indicates that this new GPU will probably not be ready by the unveiling of the iPhone 7 in 2016.
[via GforGames; Fudzilla]


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