Apple patent describes ‘woven display’ created using fabric for Apple Watch bands, MacBook chassis and more

Apple Woven Display
The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has published a patent from Apple that describes using light-transmissive materials like nylon to create a woven display for Apple Watch
, MacBooks and more.
The “Woven display” patent from Apple details a method of weaving light pipe fibres into a fabric like nylon to “as light guides visually display indications or messages.” The patent describes multiple techniques to create different types of ‘woven display.’
Once weaving is complete, the light pipe fibers can be connected to a light source, such as an LED. By varying when and where these light sources illuminate, the woven display can present a user with readable information. For example, light transmissive areas can be selectively illuminated to display the time, temperature or any other arrangement of alphanumeric characters. If multicolored LEDs are employed, the entire band can be glow red to denote a system notification, or perhaps flash yellow for a low battery alert.
Woven Display on smartwatch
In its patent application, Apple specifically shows a wristwatch as a use case for its ‘woven display.’ The straps of the watch will feature light pipes with LEDs integrated into the watch body. The display is then used to show the time, though it can also be used to show simple notifications. The patent also details Apple using woven displays on the surface of its MacBook chassis and iPod-style wrist loops for iPhones.
The “Woven display” patent was first filed by Apple in may 2014 with Douglas J. Weber and Teodor Dabov being credited as the inventors.
Apple is already using a conductive fabric instead of flex cables to transmit data and power on the Smart Keyboard for iPad Pro.
[Source USPTO; Via Apple Insider]


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