Apple share its ‘Best of 2015’ apps and games list for the iPhone and iPad

Best of 2015
Apple today released its ‘Best of 2015’ list highlighting the best apps and games to hit the iOS App Store this year. The list includes some popular iOS apps like Periscope
, Workflow, Instagram and Lara Croft Go.
The ‘Game of the Year’ award went to Square Enix’s Lara Croft Go, while Shadowmatic from Triada studio and Rayman Adventures were the runner-ups on the iPad. On the iPhone 6s, Fallout Shelter and Mr Jump were the runner-ups. The ‘Most Innovative’ app award went to Workflow, with Dark Echo Story getting the award for being the most innovative game to hit the App Store this year on the iPhone and Her Story getting the same award for the iPad.
The ‘App of the Year’ award went to Periscope, while Instagram was crowned as the best app for the iPhone 6s. On the iPad, the App of the Year award went to The Robot Factory by Tinybop with Enlight and LiquidText being the runner-ups.
You can find the download links of all the winners and runner-ups apps and games for the iPhone and iPad below.


  • App of the Year: Periscope – Download
  • Runner-up #1: Enlight – Download
  • Runner-up #2: Robinhood – Download
  • Most innovative app: Workflow – Download
  • Best App on iPhone 6s: Instagram – Download
  • Game of the Year: Lara Croft Go – Download
  • Runner-up #1: Fallout Shelter – Download
  • Runner-up #2: Mr Jump – Download
  • Most innovative game: Dark Echo – Download
  • Best game on iPhone 6s: Warhammer 40,000: Freeblade – Download


  • App of the Year: The Robot Factory by Tinybop – Download
  • Runner-up #1: HBO Now – Download
  • Runner-up #2: Patterning: Drum Machine – Download
  • Most innovative app: LiquidText – Download
  • Best App on iPad Pro: uMake – Download
  • Game of the Year: Prune – Download
  • Runner-up #1: Rayman Adventures – Download
  • Runner-up #2: Implosion – Download
  • Most innovative game: Her Story – Download
  • Best game on iPad Pro: Zodiac: Orcanon Odyssesy – Download
For the top 10 paid and free apps and games, make sure to visit the App Store.


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