Apple TV billboards start showing off content, including ‘The Simpsons’

Apple TV The Simpsons billboard
At the end of November, Apple ramped up its advertising for its new set-top box, the Apple TV, including multi-colored billboards.

The ads were simple enough, simply showing the Apple logo and “TV” next to it, with multiple colors behind the lettering. The boards started showing up in locations like New York, Ohio, and California, with more popping up soon after. And now, it looks like Apple is starting to shake things up a bit.
Now, as reported by MacRumors, Apple is beginning to add easily recognizable content to the billboard ads. They still retain the colorful background, and the Apple TV logo up front, but now a familiar character has shown up on on board: Homer Simpson, from the long-running comedy The Simpsons.
It’s likely that this trend will continue into the future, and that Apple will show even more characters from popular shows and movies as the advertising train rolls forward.
Indeed, even the App Store’s official Twitter account (@AppStore) started showing off a bit more varied Apple TV promotional art, including pieces showcasing Game of Thrones and Veep, along with apps like Nat Geo TV.
What do you think of these new Apple TV ads?
[via MacRumors]


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