Chrome for iOS update adds support for 3D Touch and more keyboard shortcuts

Google has started rolling out an update for Chrome for iOS that adds support for 3D Touch and more hardware keyboard shortcuts.
While the former will benefit owners of iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, the latter will help in boosting the productivity of iPad Pro owners who use a Smart Keyboard with it.
These features were first introduced by Google in Chrome beta for iOS that was made available to a bunch of selected testers through TestFlight.
3D Touching the Chrome icon post the update will provide you with quick access to voice search inside the browser; incognito mode for private browsing; and the option to directly open a new tab.
  • Added support for more keyboard shortcuts. Now you can do more with your Bluetooth keyboard like opening, closing and changing tabs or conducting a voice search.
  • Support for 3D touch on iPhone 6s/+. Force touch the Chrome icon to quickly open a new tab, a new incognito* tab, or conduct a voice search
The update also adds support for a bunch of new keyboard shortcuts. Almost all the shortcuts have the same key combination as the Mac version of Chrome browser. This means that pressing ⌘+T will open a new tab, while ⌘+W will close the existing tab. To bookmark a page, you need to press ⌘+D, while pressing ⌘+R will reload a page. You can find all the keyboard shortcuts supported by Chrome here.
Google had previously updated Chrome to add support for Split View feature introduced in iOS 9. Surprisingly, since Safari itself does not support Split View, it makes Chrome a must have app for all iPad users who heavily make use of Split View.
→ Download: Chrome for iOS


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