Developer streams Steam games from PC to new Apple TV

Developer Kevin Smith who had previously demoed a MAME emulator running on the fourth generation Apple TV has now tweaked his tool making it possible to stream Steam games to the media center box from Apple.
In a video uploaded to YouTube, the developer showcases Grand Theft Auto V being streamed to his Apple TV that is running on his PC. He managed to achieve this feat by modifying Moonlight for iOS, an open source alternative to Nvidia’s GameStream.

In the video description, Smith makes it clear that this is a “very very quick and very dirty compilation of the code” that does not take into account the restrictions imposed by tvOS. This ultimately means that the app will never be making its way to the tvOS App Store from Apple. Nonetheless, the hacked code works well for streaming games to his Apple TV and even works perfectly with the Nimbus controller.
Thanks to the powerful internals, tvOS and a dedicated App Store, the community around the fourth generation Apple TV is really building up despite some heavy restrictions from Apple. Adding game streaming support to the fourth generation Apple TV will definitely make the device more useful, but the chances of Apple actually adding it are almost nil.
Do you think the ability to stream games from PC to your Apple TV 4 will increase the usefulness of the device?
[Via MacRumors]


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