Google Calendar to get Reminders and to-do integration; rolling out this week

Google Calendar
Google today announced that it is bringing Reminders and to-do integration to Google Calendar for Android and iOS.

Thanks to the integration, you will be able to view your reminders and to-dos in Google Calendar right beside your calendar entries. Unlike calendar entries, Reminders and to-dos will stick around at the top until you complete them. Once you are done with a reminder, you simply swipe on them to remove it.

Reminders will also show important information like phone numbers, addresses and more. It does so automatically by pulling information from your Contacts and Knowledge Graph. You can create reminders and to-dos from various Google services: Keep, Google Now and Inbox, and they will show up instantly in your calendar.
Reminders integration will be added to Google Calendar for Android and iOS through an update that is rolling out this week. Google is also working on bringing Reminders integration to the web version of Google Calendar, though it did not provide a timeframe as to when it will go live.
[Via Google]


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