GoPro Apple Watch app lets you Start/Stop recording, preview camera angles, and more

Go Pro Apple Watch app
GoPro is one of the go-to brands when it comes to recording just about anything, especially when it comes to outdoor activities, like skateboarding. And now it’s getting even better.
Recently, GoPro updated its mobile app to support the Apple Watch, and bring with it some interesting use case features to the wearable, making it even easier to get that perfect shot without having to rely on your iPhone. GoPro officially showed off the new features in a video starring Mikey Taylor, a pro skateboarder, which you can watch below.
With the Apple Watch app, you’ll be able to Start/Stop recording, add “HiLighted” moments to your recorded clips, and even review clips. Users will also be able to preview an active camera angle, making it possible to double check an upcoming recording session’s angle before it kicks off right from your wrist.
The iOS app has also been updated to make it easier to pull still images from a recording, and even better filtering options as well.

Do you use a GoPro?
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