LinkedIn rolls out redesigned iOS app with improved private messaging

New LinkedIn app
LinkedIn’s redesigned iOS app, which was first unveiled back in October,
is now available to all via the App Store. The update promises an improved user experience, with a revamped design and new features — including improved private messaging.
The new LinkedIn app is split up into five “core areas,” which include Your Feed, Me, My Network, Messaging, and Search. Each of these things has its own tab on the main screen, making them all easy to access.
Your Feed is home to all the content from your network. “It’s based on what we determined is most relevant for your industry, function, and skills combined with what conversations and content you care about,” LinkedIn explains. You can specify what content you’re interested in, and unfollow things you don’t want to see.
The Me section is where you can build your “professional brand.” This is where you’ll see who’s viewed your profile, and who is commenting on and sharing your posts. “It also offers the most intuitive way of updating your profile that we have ever had,” LinkedIn says.
My Network provides you with a daily briefing of what’s happening in your network, so at a glance, you can see people you may know, new posts from your network, and suggestions. You’ll also find prompts for this like work anniversaries.
If you sync LinkedIn with your calendar, the My Network section will also provide you with useful information ahead of meetings, such as the profiles for the people you’re meeting, shared connections, and shared interests.
One of the biggest improvements is to private messaging. The new Messaging section abandons email in favor of a more casual system, similar to that found in Facebook or Twitter. Its more lightweight interface makes it faster and easier to communicate with colleagues.
Finally, the new Search section is 300% faster than before, and significantly smarter. You can use it to find people, jobs, and groups — and to search for content inside other LinkedIn apps, such as Pulse, Groups, Job Search, and more.
You can download the new LinkedIn app from the App Store now by following the link below.
Download link:


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