OnePlus launches a case for the iPhone 6s featuring its unique ‘sandstone’ finish

OnePlus iPhone case
OnePlus, the company known for releasing smartphones that require an invite to be purchased
, today launched a case for the iPhone 6s…yes, iPhone 6s. What sets the simple clip-on case apart from other cases in the market, is that it features the company’s signature ‘sandstone’ textured back that improves grip-ability.

The inside of the case features the tagline “Get a grip” and the #NeverSettle hashtag. The sandstone black case completely hides the Apple logo and instead puts the OnePlus logo at the back, which I am not sure many people will like.
Thankfully, if you are interested in the case, you will be glad to know that you don’t need an invite to buy it. Instead, the case comes with an invite to buy the OnePlus X, which I am not sure why anyone would be interested in buying if they already have the iPhone 6s.
OnePlus states that the case is only for the iPhone 6s, but it should presumably work with the iPhone 6 as well, though it might not be a snug fit. If you own an iPhone 6s Plus, you are out of luck as the case is only available for the iPhone 6s for now.
The OnePlus iPhone case will be available for purchase from in Europe, United Kingdom, United States from today for $19.99 (£15.99/€19.99).
[Via Android Central]


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