Sketch leaves the Mac App Store; developer highlights customer experience and technical limitations as reasons

Mac App Store
Sketch today announced that it will no longer be making its app available for download through the Mac App Store due to a number of issues with the store and the poor user experience that it offers.

The company has taken this decision after carefully considering all their options. In their post, the company explains that there are a number of reasons behind them leaving the Mac App Store. It notes that app reviews continue to take a week or more on the MAS, which greatly slows down the update process. Additionally, technical limitations on the store prevents it from adding certain features to Sketch and the lack of an upgrade pricing option are also other notable issues with the store.
Sketch app MAS
The Sketch team notes that the Mac App Store has not kept up with its iOS counterpart, which is regularly updated by Apple to keep up with the times.
While customers who purchased Sketch through the Mac App Store can continue to use the app for as long as they like, they won’t be receiving any new updates. For that, they will have to download the latest version of the app directly from Sketch’s website and replace it with their existing version. On first launch, the updated app will automatically migrate all their settings, presets and templates. Following the steps in the app will also generate a new license that they can use to validate their MAS purchase of Sketch.
Almost all the issues cited by the Sketch team is also a pain point for other developers who sell their app through the store. Many of them have been complaining about the issues since the MAS was initially launched, but their requests have fallen on deaf ears.
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