Sony releases PlayStation Messages app for iOS

PlayStation Messages
Sony today released a new messaging app for PlayStation users for iOS and Android. Called PlayStation Messages, the app allows PSN members to chat with their friends without having to use your PlayStation console.
While it was also possible to use Sony’s official PlayStation app to chat with your PSN friends, the clunky UI and slow performance of the app made it tough to do so. Even worse, the app was never optimised for the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus. In comparison, the dedicated messenger app has a prettier UI, feels significantly faster to use and has been optimised to use on the new Plus sized iPhones.
Besides chatting with your PSN friends, you can also take part in group chats, send voice messages, stickers, and even see what games your friends are currently playing on their PS console.
PlayStation Messages will allow you to:
  • Check your Friends List to instantly see who’s online and what they’re playing
  • Send text messages or voice messages to individual friends or to groups of friends anytime you like
  • Upload and share your own photos and swap PlayStation themed stickers
  • Search for Friends
It goes without saying that the PlayStation Messages app is only targeted at those who are PSN members. Without a PSN ID, you cannot even use the app, and I doubt anyone without a PS4, PS Vita or any other PS console is going to find much use of this app.
Sony also rolled out an update to its official PlayStation app to remove the messaging feature from it.
Download: PlayStation Messages
[Via PlayStation]


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