Swift, Apple’s programming language, is now open source

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Swift has been growing in popularity ever since Apple unveiled the programming language at WWDC 2014, and now the team behind it has an announcement.

On December 3, the Swift team officially announced that the language is now open source, posting the Swift compiler with the standard library and functions at the same time. It’s been a promised goal from the team for awhile now, and it means that Swift can now be used in a variety of ways outside of simply making iOS- or Mac-based apps. It also means that Swift will probably be used well into the future as well, as it means more developers can access it for other projects, which should help its adoption even more.
“Swift is now open source!
We are excited by this new chapter in the story of Swift. After Apple unveiled the Swift programming language, it quickly became one of the fastest growing languages in history. Swift makes it easy to write software that is incredibly fast and safe by design. Now that Swift is open source, you can help make the best general purpose programming language available everywhere.”
Of course, opening Swift up to developers also means outside involvement and feedback, with the Swift team noting in the official announcement that they’re aiming for “small, incremental updates.” Moreover, Apple is also posting the Swift standard library and parts of Foundation, along with the raw language compiler. Some things are still gated to Mac and iOS development, though, including UIKit and AppKit, but the Swift team says changes in this department are coming in Swift 3 at some point in the future.
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