The Apple Remote iOS app now works with the new Apple TV thanks to tvOS 9.1

Apple Remote iOS app
One thing some iPhone owners may have realized after picking up the new Apple TV, was that the official Apple Remote iOS app didn’t work with the new set-top box.
The Apple Remote iOS app allows iPhone owners to use their device as a remote for the set-top box, which can come in handy if the actual Apple TV remote can’t be found in the moment. But when the new Apple TV landed, it didn’t offer the same support, leaving many scratching their heads. Fortunately, support has finally arrived.
With the release of tvOS 9.1, Apple has added support for the official Apple Remote iOS app, making it possible for users to use their iPhone as a remote for the newest set-top box from Cupertino.
Why Apple didn’t provide this support out of the box is unknown. However, it has been speculated that considering the new Apple TV launches with a Siri Remote, featuring a touch-based panel on the physical remote itself, needing to have support for the Apple Remote app wasn’t a high priority.
While the touch-based controls are certainly one reason why the iPhone’s touchscreen was a big boon for older Apple TV unit owners, and a good replacement if the need arises for new Apple TV owners, one big reason new Apple TV owners may want to use the Remote app is for text entry. Doing so with the Siri Remote on the Apple TV isn’t the most intuitive or fastest, but being able to access the full keyboard on the iPhone through the Remote app makes it much easier.
A link to download the Remote app for iOS is available below.


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