Yahoo Messenger is back with a suite of new features

Yahoo Messenger iOS app
Yahoo Messenger was one of the more popular messaging apps back in the day, but has since fallen by the wayside as other, more popular options raked in the limelight.

But Yahoo is looking to change that by launching a brand new version of Messenger, and stacking it with plenty of features to compete in the ridiculously crowded market. Some of the features are, unmistakably similar to other apps, including options from Skype or Snapchat, but for anyone that’s looking for something new, it’s better to have them than not.
That includes an option to “unsend” any message that you send in the new Messenger app, including GIFs, photo or text. Users can even “like” a message, too, if replying isn’t easy enough. And for those that really like GIFs, the new Messenger not only supports them, but also has an accessible library to find more, just in case you think you might run out:
“Now you can search and find the perfect GIF in the new Yahoo Messenger app. Get instant access to a virtually unlimited and ever-growing library of GIFs pulled from the Tumblr community, where tomorrow’s most popular GIFs are born each day.”
Photos are a pretty big deal in the new Yahoo Messenger, with users able to send hundreds of them to their contacts. On top of that, photos can be viewed in their original full quality by downloading them from the app.
The new Yahoo Messenger is a free download, and there’s a link to the app below for those who want to give it a shot.
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