9.7 Inch iPad Pro Features: 11 Things You Need To Know About Apple’s Smaller iPad Pro

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And it’s just as good on the Baby Pro as it is on the bigger iPad Pro. And thanks to the Baby Pro’s smaller form factor, you’ll be able to sketch comfortably even when there’s not enough space around.

12. USB 2.0 Transfer Speeds

At the event, Apple made a big deal about the Lightening to USB Camera Adaptor that lets users both charge the iPad and use a USB accessory at the same time. It’s a great accessory for photographers who want to use the iPad to edit photos and videos.
The only problem is that the new, 9.7 inch iPad will transfer files at USB 2.0 speeds while the faster 3.0 speeds are reserved only for the bigger 12.9 inch iPad.

But first, Do You Need An iPad Pro?

This article is quickly turning into a comparison between the Baby Pro and it’s big brother. So before going any further, let’s take a step back and decide, do you even need an iPad Pro? And if you do, what role will it fulfill?
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First, if you’re looking at the iPad Pro as a replacement for your Mac, you’re mostly going to be disappointed. Not because it’s impossible to get work done on the iPad (far from it), but because iOS just doesn’t allow for the same flexibility as OS X. There’s no file system. So you’ll have to fake one by using Dropbox or iCloud Drive. This also makes transferring files between apps harder and computers. And depending on what your work is, you just can’t get some dedicated Mac and Windows apps on the iPad.
I for example, can’t get Sketch or Adobe’s upcoming XD app on the iPad Pro. While I’d love to switch to the iPad Pro as my primary computer (the Pencil for designing is really tempting), I just can’t, because the software isn’t there.
But that doesn’t rule out everyone. If you’re lucky enough that your work life depends on generic, barebone apps, you can certainly pull off the iPad Pro lifestyle. If all you’re going to be doing is answering email, doing research, writing, managing Excel spreadsheets or even some light video editing and some niche professional drawing/illustration work, the iPad Pro might be for you.
And its simplicities, in both the software and the hardware will free your mind and help you focus on more important things – like working.

So Which iPad Pro Is For You?

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Now that you’ve read the above features and you know the differences between the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and the 9.7 inch version, you might be wondering, should you go with the smaller one? And looking at the features alone, it’s not an easy choice. So let’s look at it from the use case perspective.
If you’re going to be using the iPad Pro as a laptop replacement – your primary computer – I think you should go for the bigger iPad Pro. The extra screen real estate is great for multi-tasking, the extra performance will come in really handy as well.
If you’re going to use the iPad Pro more as a tablet, then you should opt for the smaller iPad Pro compared to the 12.9-inch iPad Pro, it is not only more portable, it is significantly lighter (437 grams vs 713 grams 12.9-inch iPad Pro) which will make it a lot easier to hold for a long time.
Instead, if you’re not sure if the iPad Pro is going to be your only companion, and you just want to test the waters. Maybe try and shift some of the work to the iPad, bit by bit, the Baby Pro is the best way to do it. Pick the base model, the Pencil and Smart Keyboard if you can, and give it a shot.


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