Analyst Believes the ‘iPhone 7’ Won’t Have ‘Many Attractive Selling Points’

iPhone 7 concept by Martin Hajek
This year, following the launch of the iPhone 6s in 2015, Apple is expected to launch a new iPhone, rumored to be called the “iPhone 7,” and, if history is any indicator, the device should feature a physical redesign and new features.
Unfortunately for those trying to read the tea leaves months before Apple gets around to announcing their new flagship smartphone, the expectations are beginning to look a bit dour. At least that’s how it’s beginning to look to KGI Securities’ analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. According to a recent research note the analyst has published, Kuo believes that Apple’s 2016 could be less-than-great, and it’s possible the Cupertino-based company could ship fewer iPhones this year than the company did in 2014.
Specifically, in the “worst case scenario,” Apple could ship “only” 190 million iPhones this year. That would be lower than the 193 million that the company shipped back in 2014. However, in the “best case scenario,” Apple could ship 205 million iPhones this year.
It’s probably worth noting that other analysts have predicted Apple will ship between 210 and 230 million iPhones this year.
Perhaps the most interesting aspect of the research note is that Kuo believes Apple will not feature “many attractive selling points” in the iPhone 7. Kuo has echoed that he believes that while Apple will have some form of a redesign in 2016, it will probably not be a big one. And, indeed, early renders of the iPhone 7 suggest Apple is simply moving the antenna bands, but keeping the overall design the same.
More to that, Kuo has previously said that he believes Apple will launch an all-glass iPhone, with an AMOLED display, in 2017. That would coincide with another analyst’s claim that Apple has plans to launch an “iPhone 8,” instead of an “iPhone 7s,” in 2017, which will feature wireless charging (something folks are looking for), OLED display, and no physical Home button.
It’s sounding more and more like Apple is holding off on a major redesign, with plenty of new features, until 2017. Are you okay waiting another year and a half for a truly redesigned iPhone?
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