Siri Can Answer Even More of Your Baseball Questions Just in Time for Opening Day

Siri expanded baseball
For many Major League Baseball teams, it’s Opening Day, which means the brand new season is about to get underway. Just in time for the first pitches, Siri‘s baseball knowledge has expanded in a big way.
As first reported by The Verge, Apple has officially updated Siri to answer even more of your detailed baseball-specific questions. That even includes asking the digital personal assistant queries that date back to the sport’s beginning. Siri will now offer up answers for career statistics of specific players, like Babe Ruth, and Siri can now give you feedback on 28 other leagues, including the Minors, too.
Apple expanded Siri’s functionality with sports scores way back in 2012, with the release of iOS 6. However, for the true fans of a particular sport, just asking what the score is probably isn’t enough. Apple giving Siri the ability to pull up records that go back many, many years is pretty great, and for anyone caught with a particular baseball trivia question, it sounds like Siri could come to the rescue.
However, as the original report notes, some of Siri’s responses are still not as full-fledged as others. For example, asking the digital personal assistant, “When was the last time the Yankees had a perfect game?” only brings up a general search query about the team in question, and not an actual answer. There’s still some work to be done, it seems, but Apple’s continuously working on improving Siri. In fact, the digital personal assistant is said to be a major tentpole feature in an upcoming version of OS X.
And this isn’t the first big news for Apple and MLB, as it was reported recently that Apple will supply team managers in their dugouts with iPad Pros.
[via The Verge]


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