Twitch++: Jailbreak Tweak brings a range of enhancements to the official Twitch app

Twitch is a well known live streaming video platform that allows anyone to set up their own channel and start streaming a game they are playing. If you use the Twitch iOS app regularly to watch live streams, you might have encountered some aspects of the app that annoy you.
Twitch++ is a newly released jailbreak tweak that enhances the Twitch app by bringing a range of new features and getting rid of some limitations. With this tweak, you have the freedom to play and pause a live stream whenever you want, watch multiple video streams at once, get rid of all video ads as well as view the chat window even when in landscape mode.
To get started, you’ll first have to download the tweak from Cydia. It can be found in the following repo: After you’ve added the new source, search for Twitch++ package and install it on your iPhone.
Once done, you can launch the Twitch app and start enjoying the new features that the tweak provides. It also provides a settings pane which can be accessed from within the Twitch app. Open the sidebar and tap on the settings gear icon located in the top left corner. This opens the tweak’s preferences pane where you can enable or disable the features that it provides.
When watching a live stream, you’ll notice that there’s a new pause button in the bottom left corner of the video that allows you to play/pause the live stream whenever you want. You can also view live streams in landscape mode while having a view of the chat window.
To watch multiple live streams at once, you’ll first have to open a live stream. You can then tap on the button shown in the screenshot below.
This causes the video to be detached into a separate floating window which can be moved around freely. You can then switch to a different live stream and detach that one as well using the same method.
Twitch++ is a solid tweak for adding new features to the official Twitch app that you’ll find useful. If you’re interested to give it a try, it is available as a free package on UnlimApps repo. Make sure to let us know what you think about it in the comments section.


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